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Together we can create a custom video that best represents LA Concrete Works. Periodically we release your promotional video as an independent episode. Anyone that subscribed to the podcast will have your video downloaded into their feed. <see below image for what that will look like on their iphone>

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An audio advertisement can be inserted into the episode itself. Usually the host will read the copy the company has provided. The audience has grown to trust the host and is familiar with his/her voice. This allows for a more seamless and less intrusive advertisement.

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Although iTunes is the most notable podcast interface. It is important to not neglect the other major platforms. Stitcher is number 2 as a podcast platform and google play is making big moves to host podcasts.

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We pay great attention to our social media accounts. We prefer to go after our followers in a laser focused fashion. We actively pursue interactions with those in the landscape architecture industry and nurture those interactions. With each episode our guest themselves bring new followers.

Michael Todoran Résumé

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1999 United States Coast Guard
• 2 years Heavy Weather Search & Rescue Newport, OR
• 2 years Aids to Navigation Honolulu, HI
• Directed, Trained, Mentored, and Supervised 15 personnel
• Liaison between US and New Zealand Coast Guard during training exercises
• Coast Guard Certificate of Merit Award (Outstanding Sailor)
2004 University of Nevada Las Vegas UNLV, Bachelor of Fine Arts BFA
• Produced the first successful exhibition uniting professors, emeritus professors, graduates, and undergraduate
• Initiated silk screening program: Built custom press and led workshops to professors and students
• Exhibited work using traditional photographic processing
• Thesis Exhibition: Hand drafted a typeface of 4 sheets of 36” x 24” vellum (91cm x 61cm)

2012 The Ohio State University OSU, Master in Landscape Architecture MLA
• On location (Australia) miniature documentary on Permaculture watch video
• Utilized ArcMap and 2010 census data to create visual graphics for “Access to Fresh Food”
• Successfully facilitated a design charrette with local residents facing gentrification issues
• Ground floor in developing Knowlton School of Architecture quarterly architectural publication One:Twelve
• Thesis: Flexible Skate Park Plaza


SWA GROUP | Los Angeles, California USA
2015-Present Landscape Designer
• Construction Details
• Planting Plans
• Coordination with Architects

STOUT DESIGN BUILD | Los Angeles, California USA
2013-2015 Associate Landscape Designer & Resident Photographer
Associate Designer
• Drafting siteplans, construction details, lighting plans, planting plans, hydrozone & irrigation plans
• Initial Consultation Meetings: Meet with client on site and listen to their needs and offer suggestions, design
ideas. Follow up with a soft bid and answer any questions or concerns.
• Collaboration Site Surveyors, Architects, and Structural Engineers
• Research availability of trees, plants, and ground covers
• Coordinate site visit with client and landscape maintenance crew
• Discuss with lead designer the desired elements to present and accentuate
• Shoot in RAW format, choose lenses, ISO, aperture size, and exposure times for highest quality images
• 90% of postproduction of images in Adobe Lightroom / 10% in Adobe Photoshop
Project Management
• Walk foreman through site to discuss scope of work, materials, and time lines
• Prepare take offs of linear & square foot for required demolition and new materials
• Visit site weekly (or when required) during construction process to photograph progress, quality control,
answer question from contractor and client
• Identify any problems
• Summarize site visit with lead designer
Hiring &Training
• Write copy to attract the right new hire
• Review portfolios, check references, and present top 3 candidates to supervisor
• Assist in interview process
• Train associate designers & interns (4 to date) on AutoCad standards utilizing Sheet Set Manager,
procedures, expectations, quality control, and consistency
Marketing / Graphic Design
• Write targeted copy to generate new clients
• Design aesthetic for ad campaign
• Develop image board template
• Assist preflight reviews of graphics
Initiatives Taken
• Develop training manual for new hires
• Redline work and review AutoCad practices of new hires
• Irrigation blocks with hidden layer throw
• Design new company office

HARMONY GARDENS | Valley Village, CA
2013 Associate Landscape Designer
• Designed irrigation systems and irrigation legend calculations without supervision
• Prepared detail sheets
• Drafted basemaps
• Prepared Tree Reports for distribution from collaborative data collected on site (under supervision)
• Calculated ‘City Points’ on Landscape Plan (under supervision)
• Created elevations for proposed designs
• Synthesized key concepts from the 3 publications authored by Shelley Sparks Secrets of the Land, Keep Plants
Healthy, and How to Attract Butterflies to your Garden into 140 characters or less for daily social media
• Established a weekly slow release for the Harmony Gardens iTunes video podcast through wordpress technology
Initiatives taken
• Developed a ‘Horticulture’ spreadsheet listing all plants and trees used collectively. Sheets include individual
jobs and rows include color, size, and WUCOLS standing for ease of future use
• Developed an irrigation drafting graphics template that contains common throw sizes, valves, legal notes, etc
• Developed an irrigation spreadsheet for micro irrigation systems calculations

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Thank you for taking the time to review some of the strategies that we have presented for sponsorship opportunities. We look forward to discussing and implementing an advertisement for your company.


Michael Trajan Todoran