Michael Todoran

Executive Producer: Michael Todoran michael@larchitect.org

Michael Todoran is a native West Los Angeles Angelino practicing landscape architecture in Los Angeles, CA. He began his career in high end residential and has been fortunate enough to develop beautiful spaces in the smallest of backyards in Venice, California to large scale on structure projects throughout the world in Dubai, China, and Serbia. Michael is interested in discovering and sharing the stories of landscape architecture.


Joanna Karaman
Joanna Karaman

Co-Host: Joanna Karaman joanna@larchitect.org

Joanna is interested in the intersection of landscape architecture and media as a potential to generate both design and communication tools. She has used a variety of media techniques, ranging from film to analytical drawings, to research and explore new landscapes ranging from Hong Kong to the Netherlands, Iceland, Colombia and India while pursuing a dual Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture and Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania. She moved to Los Angeles after graduating in 2015, and since then has become enamored and fascinated with the city. Since then, she has primarily worked on projects in and around the Los Angeles area, and has developed a familiarity and passion for the plant communities in Southern California. Joanna has also researched and worked on topics of resilience, flooding and climate change through various internships and fellowships.

Adriana Garcia
Adriana Garcia

Co-host: Adriana Garcia adriana@larchitect.org

Adriana Garcia is a Landscape Designer and her interest in landscape architecture stems from her local Los Angeles roots. Growing up in south LA, communities depleted of accessible green space, Adriana has a strong interest in public space equity and is driven by her passion to explore ways public space enhances people’s lives and quality of living. She enjoys projects involving parks, public spaces, and community development that enable her to design spaces inspired by the local neighborhoods. Her advocacy for public space equality shines through in the work she does inside and outside the office.

Margaret Gerhart

Co-Host: Margaret Gerhart margaret@larchitect.org

Margaret is interested in learning about what makes other designers tick. She is a landscape designer, peace activist, and researcher based in Los Angeles, CA. Margaret holds a BFA in Industrial Design from Carnegie Mellon University and a dual M.Arch/MLA from the University of Pennsylvania.


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