Brice Maryman


With compassion, respect and empathy, the HomeLand project intends to present proactive strategies that respect each individual’s “right to housing” and “right to the city,” while also enhancing public spaces that are significantly... READ MORE

Samuel K. Kim


Samuel K. Kim is the founder and principal designer of SQLA Inc.. With over 30 years of design experience, Samuel has a unique and innovative approach to landscape and urban design, along with... READ MORE

Kate Orff


  During the 2017 ASLA annual conference in Los Angeles, we spoke with Kate Orff, who is the founder of  New York based SCAPE Studio. Through this conversation, we got some insight on... READ MORE

Greg Miller ASLA President


At ASLA’s annual conference the ‘Larchitect’ team sits down with ASLA’s president Greg Miller on Saturday October 21st, 2017 while he was still president elect. Greg Miller practices landscape architecture as president for... READ MORE


| Larchitect sits down with Claire Latané & Allen Compton; two of three founding members of the group Los Angeles Landscape Architecture (LALA). LALA has curated an exhibition titled “2×1” located at the... READ MORE

Gerdo Aquino


Gerdo Aquino is the CEO of SWA Group. SWA is a landscape architecture, urban design and planning firm, with a network of seven studios worldwide. He is recognized from the American Society of... READ MORE

Vincent Onel


biography source: VINCENT ONEL SKATEPARK DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT   Skatepark Design & Landscape Architecture from Michael Todoran on Vimeo. Vince grew up in Iowa and discovered skateboarding at the age of 10.  After... READ MORE

Robert Perry


Trees and Shrubs for Dry California Landscapes. A guide to plants for water conservation. This was one of the first books for California designers providing water conservation guidelines and a comprehensive color illustrated... READ MORE

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